Ok, your gym is closed, it’s too wet to go out for a cycle ride and you don’t have any exercise equipment to hand. What do you do to keep fit? There is really only one thing you do need, and thats…


You just have to start. As a wise yogi once said, ‘the moment you start the pressure is off.

When I do my sprint training the hardest part is starting…that first sprint. Why? Because sprints are tough. However, even a full set of 8 sprints is over in under 15 minutes and on the Restore Your Body Programme (explanation video here) you only have to do it once a week.

If you get the balance right you will experience lots of energy in the coming days. If however, you train too hard, you might experience muscle soreness and general lethargy in the coming days. This is ok and will soon pass, but you can learn from your body’s reaction…next time, train to a lower intensity.

As a beginner you would only start with 2 low intensity sprints and work your way up over a period of months.

Please watch this week’s quick video were I demonstrate 12 non equipment, indoor ways to raise your heart rate.

Click Video Below for Easy Ways to Improve Your Fitness


Need advice? My private cardio sessions (can be via skype) are only half hour and I will guide you to the appropriate intensity for your current fitness while taking into account any injuries.

So, keep your fitness up this festive season! More videos below, and be sure to read this week’s related health link at the bottom of page.

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