My primary reason for having an online presence is to inspire you to create and then maintain…

A Strong & Healthy Body

As this years turns to a close, I have one message for you to consider:

Please take good care of yourself

Why not make 2017 your year of self care?side plank b & w

I have created my Restore Your Body Programme for you…take it all in, use it, play with it, enjoy the journey and if you stick with it, enjoy amazing results.

3  ways to look after yourself in 2017
  1. Learn to Breathe well. Contrary to what you might have been told, calm, quiet breaths are the most effecient. Look out for a blog soon with details on this.
  2. Eat Healthy. Your don’t have to be fanatical about food to ejnoy great health. Food is to be enjoyed, but not be abused.
  3. Enjoy Exercise. Working out is not a chore. It’s a fun way of tuning this instrument we call the body. Nourish it with a weekly combination of sprint, strength and suppleness routines. I have many new videos coming up soon!

As much as I am here to inspire you, I also feel that your listening and partaking is a feedback loop that in turn inspires me.

Danny jogging silhouetteSo please keep up with the programme, and keep in touch. If you have slipped off or haven’t even started yet, I challenge you to try it out.

Give it a year of commitment and see what happens.

Imagine yourself in 12 months time. Stronger, fitter, calmer and healthier on the inside.

Click here for a full guide to the Restore Your Body Programme and start to create your healthy body.

Take care

Thanks Danny