Long periods of sitting (e.g. office time, driving, eating, TV, etc) shortens and weakens many important muscles.

These include, abdominals, pectorals, hip flexors, hamstrings and neck muscles.

If kept short, these muscles will adapt to stay that way and over time this will affect your posture, strength and tension levels…and gradually you will shrink!

So it’s important to keep all postural muscles exercised and long

Before we begin to correct short muscles, the first thing to consider is how to avoid long periods of sitting. Previous videos here and here address this. Basically…

…always remove the cause before trying to fix the problem

This week’s exercise routine lengthens two key muscles of your legs.  Hamstrings in the back of your thighs and a collection of hip flexors in your upper front thighs.

Although I advise committing to 20 – 30 minutes of restorative exercise twice a week, this mini sequence can be done everyday to counter muscles that get short from sitting. I include a short relaxation so just spare yourself 15 minutes to enjoy some gentle, yet effective exercise.

Again, we’re using the Over-Ball, so if y0u haven’t ordered one yet, please do soon and play the other videos above while you wait!

Take care,

Thanks Danny


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