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One of the most important factors in the enjoyment and safety of any exercise practice is good technique.

If you lose your form to do a couple of extra reps or a few more seconds, then you are setting yourself up for injury.

This may not be obvious in the moment, but long term your body will show signs of wear and tear.

Exercise, diet and the wise use of your body in daily life, denote whether or not you are likely to experience joint pain, muscle tension, arthritis, etc…

…enter the restore your body programme — a unique balance of dynamic exercise, flexibility work, postural awareness, relaxation and health tips to keep you in the best possible shape now and in the long run.

Look after your body now so that you can enjoy it forever!

So, whether you’re lifting dumb-bells, pushing your sprints, perfecting your plank, looking to increase your flexibility, or a any sports specific exercise…always adopt the best technique that your current fitness, strength and flexibility allows. Stay present with your sensations and honour your body’s limitations.

I’m all up for a challenge and if you’re more experienced with exercise then you can certainly nudge your comfort range…just don’t push it too far. You can get amazing fitness results without going for the burn.

Also, be aware of the body part that is the focus for fatigue. You’re not going to help your squats by tensing your facial muscles!

In the video below, I guide you into a classic exercise from yoga…

‘Stretch Pose’

When I teach kundalini yoga I can sense the whole room silently (often audibly) groan as I mention those two words! So I encourage my students to smile with this exercise.

NOTE: The version in this video is slightly different than in yoga as I am also considering the ‘double leg stretch’ from Pilates.

When you join in today, notice a key concept from Aston Kinetics…the ‘asymmetrical set-up’. It’s a very different experience if you try a double leg lift without this focus!

Why do stretch pose?

  • Physical strength and tone of abdominal muscles
  • Toning or deep hip flexors (core muscles)
  • Energetically…an increase of personal power, commitment and decisiveness
  • To enjoy the challenge!

Another yogic challenge coming next week, till then…

Take care

Thanks Danny


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