Improving your cardio-vascular fitness does not need to involve hours a week pounding the streets.  Short bursts of dynamic activity at a level the suits your current fitness can bring great results.  As your fitness improves you increase the amount and intensity of the sprints bursts.

However, as part of the restore your body programme, I believe once a week of high intensity is enough. 

Here is a reminder of why I advise training this way:

– Improved cardio-vascular health
– Reduce the ageing process by stimulating Human Growth Hormone
– Time efficient – amazing results in a short period of time 
– Burns large amounts of calories during and (up to 48 hours) after  the workout 
– No equipment needed. Train anywhere, anytime.
– It trains and improves anaerobic and aerobic fitness
– Weight bearing and high impact exercise strengthens bones

– It burns fat yet builds muscle
– You are likely to be more productive at work following a workout

– A natural energy boost and mood enhancer – you just feel great after!

This weeks video is the second part to this mini series. I have included the warm up and warm down for each video so you can do them separately.  If however you feel like a extra challenge, try them both. In that case, start with Part 1 (click here).  Then before you do the warm down, come straight to part 2 and scroll forward to skip the warm up.

You then have an eight part series of sprint based exercises.

Good luck and please leave a comment, question or star rating below.

Take care

Thanks Danny