I personally enjoy and advise weekly sessions of dynamic sprint and strength training.

However, without the more subtle side of exercise (restorative movement) your weekly routine would not be balanced and your sprints and strength sessions will lack their full potential.

Keeping your body supple will also improve your posture and enhance your grace in daily life.

It’s simple…

…the greater your flexibility the greater your efficiency

This week’s video is all about your posture. Check your alignment right now…

…is your pelvis tucked under, your abdomen compressed, your neck jutting forward and your eyes squeezed as you read these words?

If yes, re-align yourself by finding the front of your sit bones and pushing that area down into your chair/stool. Next, relax your shoulders, close your eyes and take a couple of slow breaths. Then carry on reading from this relaxed place.

This week’s video here, with more about posture below
(Check your posture before you begin, then after….you should notice the difference)



Why sit ups/crunches aren’t good for your posture 

Normal sit ups and abdominal curls take your spine from neutral, to flexion, back to neutral and so on. Remember, your body gets shaped by your environment and by what you do.  In the case of crunches, the floor limits you because the exercise is only taking your abdominal muscles through their shortened range. Done well, there are merits to this exercise, but when posture becomes your focus, you need to lengthen your abdominal muscles by taking your spine into extension.

For this you need a gym ball, bosu or over-ball. In the video above I show how to use the over-ball to do gentle sit ups. The focus is on mobilising your upper back and not just abdominal tone.


Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 21.18.25

What is Kyphosis

This is a postural condition where the upper back curves out which pushes the head forward. This in turn places considerable pressure on your neck. It is often referred to as a dowagers hump. This week’s video uses the over-ball with bridges and ab curls. Perfect counters to kyphosis. It will help your posture if you have kyphosis and help prevent it is you don’t! If unsure, please consult a trainer/physio before you begin.

Take 10 minutes out of your day to be kind to your spine. There is also a mini relaxation at the end of the video!

Take care, keep healthy.  If you found this useful, please leave a comment in the leave a reply section below.

Many thanks Danny


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