Occasionally I bring many blogs together that share a theme.
This blog takes 9 of my videos about how to move well in daily life.

It is particularly pertinent if you have a day ahead of you with lots of sitting involved.

Here is a quick question: How are you sitting right now? Don’t move! Just close your eyes for 20 seconds to notice your posture and feel your body.

How was your alignment? Can you tick yes to many of the bullet points below?

You can ignore most of the list if you are standing! Also, if reading from a tablet on a sofa, the ideals are different.

  • Are you sat on the front of your chair/stool?
  • Are your hips a good few inches above your knees?
  • Is your weight mostly on the front of your sit bones? (Ideally about 70%)
  • The other 30% is on your feet, with feet under your knees.
  • Are the natural curves of your spine intact? i.e. your lower back is slightly curved inwards.
  • Is your screen height about eye level?
  • Are your shoulders relaxed?
  • Are you breathing slowly and easily through your nostrils.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.36.41

How many did you tick yes to?

This is not a set of rules, just some ideals. The series of videos below will help bring these about naturally and support your body for great posture throughout a day at the office. You can memorise the exercises and do them after a long drive or while on an airplane.

The very nature of sitting creates muscular imbalance.  Certain muscles become too short and others too long and weak.  Your body gets used to that position and over time you end up with:

  • Short hip flexors
  • Tight hamstrings
  • Round shoulders
  • A stiff and achy neck
  • A compressed spine
  • Low energy levels
  • Reduced breath capacity
  • Compromised digestion
  • Increased risk of injury when you go to train later
  • An unsightly appearance.

No amount of stretching at the end of the day is going to counter this lot!

You need start thinking about prevention and to move more throughout your day.

Here’s what to do

Play these 9 videos on the hour, every hour. These are designed to prevent the above list, assist your posture, lengthen key postural muscles, aid your breath, increase your energy and raise your body awareness.

Simply take a break for 5 – 10 minutes every hour. After each video, sit back down and notice your postural alignment and ease of breath. Once you learn the exercises, you can do them anywhere, anytime.

9am – 4 mins
How to find the best position for sitting and do a few light standing stretches

10am – 4 mins
More about sitting, also how to organise screen height and keyboard/mouse

11am – 4 mins
One simple stretch that counters poor sitting posture

12 noon – 4 mins
A seated guide to to abdominal tone – great for releasing ribs and breath capacity

1pm – 9 mins
An after lunch gentle mobility for your whole body

2pm – 12 mins
Take a break to stretch pecs and hamstrings

3pm – 10 mins
More about breath and standing posture (option to use a soft ball)

4pm – 8 mins
Standing postural exercise with ab tone as the focus

5pm – 9 mins
Celebrate your day of movement with an energy boost for your whole body

What next? You have 3 choices to continue with me today:

If you haven’t trained for a few days, why not do a cardio HIIT routine? – Latest video here

Or a slow strength routine? – Full length video here

If you have trained recently, why not play a relaxation audio? – 20 minute guided chill here

On my courses website you have access to an alternative free week of all of these – click here to sign up for that

Please keep in touch with how this day went for you.

Enjoy your body, take care

Thanks Danny