Along with feeling highly energised, enjoying great posture, flexibility and strength, one of the by products of the Restore Your Body Programme is that your weight should normalise.

And when it does, you should be able to maintain that optimal weight.

What you do not need is any form of diet.

In fact, most diets fail…which simply means that the lost weight returns (and usually only within a few weeks or months).

You simply can’t sustain unrealistic eating habits. Faddy diets only offer a short term and often unhealthy route to weight loss.

What you need is a permanent change of lifestyle. One that involves:

  • Healthy, mindful and slow eating
  • Regular, enjoyable exercise
  • Ample time for relaxation and sleep
  • Body Awareness throughout your day, during exercise and especially while eating

In fact, all of the Restore Your Body Programme categories directly help with weight management.

It is rare that people come to this programme underweight. However, if you are underweight and follow the programme well, your weight should also begin to normalise.

However, for the majority of people reading this blog, extra years will have brought extra lbs/Kgs and you may well be heavier than you were 10/20/30 years ago.


tape measure around tummy


This goes along with a change in your metabolism and hormones. However, it’s not just the natural aging process that can lead to weight gain, it’s what you do everyday that accelerates/decelerates it.

Daily things such as:

  • How much you move
  • How well you sit
  • What and when you eat
  • How conscious you are of your body
  • Your belief systems
  • Taking time to chill and let things be (stress is a contributor)

But perhaps the main reason for weight gain is the overall sense of letting yourself go. Like it’s inevitable to get heavier and more sedentary with age.


Even in the later 1/3 of life, a human body can have good levels of cardio fitness, flexibility, functional muscle tone, strong bones and great posture.

Put these qualities together with healthy eating and you wont be over-weight for long.

Danny Bridgeman


So, what are the lifestyle choices you can take to permenantly lose weight?

It comes down to a regular practice of 4 main things:

  • The metabolic effects of cardio and strength training exercise.
  • The calming effects of relaxation (yoga, meditation, guided relaxation, walks in nature, sound healing, etc).
  • The simple yet powerful practice of body presence.
  • Yet perhaps most significantly, weight loss is linked to the healthy food choices that you make everyday.

Thanks for reading this so far. All the above writing is about the generic lifestyle factors that you need to consider to enjoy the benefits of lasting weight loss.

This website has 6 different blog categories, offering dozens of exercise, postural and lifestyle videos. There is also relaxation audios and healthy recipes.

If you need a reminder of how this whole programme works, please read this blog with short video. Then come right back to read more.

But for now, it’s time to get more specific…let’s talk about food.




Here are 10 food based tips that can help with weight loss

  • Have a glass of water before meals. Over eating obviously plays a role in being overweight. It is too often the case that you are thirsty and not even hungry, so drink a large glass of water around 1/2 before your meal – link below for science on this. Note: avoid drinking during your meal or you wont chew well enough.
  • What ever you eat in the morning don’t start with carbohydrate – For a total change for your taste buds, habits and belief systems, why not make a cup of Pukka 3 cinnamon tea? Let it steep for 5 minutes then slowly enjoy that true sweetness. Another great choice is lemon water.  So start your day with hydrating fluids and not blood sugar spiking foods or caffeine.  When you’re hungry, eat breakfast, but chose some low carb ideas from this previous blog.
  • Enjoy a large potion of fibre rich salad (think rocket and spinach) and raw veg with meals (try spiralizing carrots or courgette). This will help you reduce carbs. If you need some grain such as rice or pasta keep it to 1/4 of the plate. Go online, get inspired and make amazing and satisfying meals that are grain free.
  • Avoid eating late. Sleep is for recuperation not digestion. Have your largest meal at lunchtime or latest 6pm and then wait till breakfast. You will naturally use these calories as you go about your day. Don’t find excuses about this one because you are working all day. Remember, this is a lifestyle change. Take a healthy meal to work and enjoy a lengthy lunch break.
  • Reduce sugar and all refined carbs. E.g. bread and pasta. Instead increase, yes increase healthy fats and proteins as these will help you reduce those carbs cravings (see previous blog for more on this). When your taste buds adjust to a low sugar diet, even a red pepper will taste amazingly sweet!



Danny wrap


Above picture is one of my favourite lunches.
I am not trying to lose weight but I am staying healthy.

It’s a homemade carrot and flax wrap with salad, veg, avocado and raw sauerkraut.
Zero refined carbs, nutritious, packed with fibre and healthy fats.


  • Never drink calories, e.g. sodas, juice, alcohol, low fat milk, exception homemade smoothies which are a meal in themselves. If you need a sweet drink, try coconut water or kombucha (fermented tea). And use 1 or 2 drops of stevia in tea and coffee. The odd glass of wine is ok, but if you’re looking to lose weight, really reduce the booze.
  • Go easy on dairy (avoid cows milk – instead make almond/coconut/cashew milk). Occasional natural yogurt or unpasteurised cheese is ok for most.
  • Never buy anything that says low fat. These have more carbs and fat is not the enemy.
  • Relax as you eat. What is the rush? Bless the food that’s in front of you, eat slow, chew well and become healthy. This in itself can make a huge difference. You simply wont be able to eat as much. Save the left overs for tomorrows lunch. You are not at school anymore so you don’t have to finish your plate!
  • As you eat food, consider this yogic saying…

“Are you eating for taste or health?
Don’t let 2 inches of tongue destroy 5 to 6 feet of body”!


If you need to lose weight, you are the one that can make the change. Do it for enhancing your physique, do it for the levels of energy you will feel, do it for your future self, and do it for your family.

It’s time to stop being controlled by food, change unhealthy habits (you know what they are) and eat for your long term health.

Enjoy the exercise videos on this site.

Monitor your progress but ditch the scales, you will know if you’re losing weight by your energy levels and the feel of your clothes. Sorry but you might need a new wardrobe soon!

What to do now

Re-read the above 10 points and choose 3 or 4 to implement today.

Also, tell your friends and family that you are on a health kick and ask them to support you.

Move your body lots today, enjoy heathy food, take in extra water and begin the journey to find your fighting weight!

Take care

Thanks Danny


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