One to One Personal Training

Results you want and a fitness that lasts

What should I expect in a session?

When you train with me, I draw upon a variety of modalities. These include HIIT (sprint fitness and slow strength training), Pilates, Kundalini yoga, breath work, body education, relaxation, mindfulness, advanced massage techniques and conscious healthy eating.

But all of this would be incomplete if I didn’t help you to make the connection between your ‘exercises’ and real life – or how you move and interact with grace in the world. Therefore, some sessions involve a review of the ergonomic get up of your car, your office, your gait and even sleep position.

Who do you work with?

I work with people of all ages and fitness levels (currently from 5 yrs to 92 yrs). There is one requirement….you must be ready to commit to success. I will help you set realistic goals, guide you through the appropriate exercise intensity and help you remove any mental blocks.

Can you help people with injuries?

Yes of course. As well as fitness, Pilates and yoga, I am also trained in advanced bodywork. I will adapt exercises so that they support your body in the healing process. Injuries often come with mental and emotional components so an initial conversation may be needed to identify and remove any limiting beliefs.

How do distance/skype sessions work?

With distance sessions, I help you develop a personal routine that we can do live wherever you are in the world. It is useful if you have a space where you can have your tablet or computer so I can see your form.


Please see a few testimonials below

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So much appreciation goes to my clients. I have witnessed their change. A change in their posture, their movement, their capability, their inner and outer strength and general vitality. Here are a few comments…thank you.

It has been almost a year since my double knee replacement operation. Without question the greatest improvement in regaining use of my new knees has been through the exercises and massage sessions you have given me.

The most significant change of all was after only two sessions I was able to kneel without pain. The ‘creepy’ feeling was gone and my knees actually felt like they used to feel. They have now integrated with the rest of my body. This is exciting and presents all sorts of possibilities for future activities.



I have worked with Danny on a one to one basis for a couple of years now and my self awareness, confidence, fitness and emotional wellbeing have all been incredibly improved. Danny addresses the whole person.

The most important thing about the sessions is that I am constantly learning about myself and not only does that learning help to create a positive feeling during the session but it continues between times. As well as improving physically my whole outlook on life has been enhanced.



“I have trained with Danny for approximately 21 years by way of one to one personal training and group classes. He is an inspiring and caring coach with an extensive knowledge of how our bodies are naturally designed to move.

With his varied and holistic approach, I have made a 100% improvement in my fitness and general sense of wellbeing. I have lost weight, feel fitter than ever and have achieved a green belt in karate.”



I had not been exercising for a long time and was feeling increasingly ground down by my commute. Danny’s constant enthusiasm, knowledge and obvious skill in coaxing people into being more active had an immediate positive effect on my sense of well-being and I can feel the physical improvement since we started five months ago. His techniques and training are easy to put into practice at home and only take up a small amount of time each week. Well worth it.



 “I’ve been training with Danny for over 2 years and this is no ordinary workout! Danny’s sessions cover all aspects…, strength, motivation, health, diet, flexibility, posture and general wellbeing.

I don’t just look and feel great, I stand taller, have more confidence, my posture has vastly improved. All in all I have a better outlook on life.”



“I began classes with Danny 12 years ago, after 10 years of chronic back pain. I had very little core strength and could barely manage any of the exercises. Today my core strength is much improved, as is my balance and flexibility. Taking classes twice a week for the past few years has helped even more and they are fun too!

I never take this improvement for granted but when I listened to a couple of friends (also in their early 60s) saying they had to lie on the bed to put their socks on, I thought “wow” I can easily balance on one leg and put mine on!”