To go straight to this weeks’s video, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. You will need a gym ball…if you don’t have one right now, but fancy some gentle exercise, play this video, then this video instead and buy a ball asap!

The Restore Your Body Programme is a complete system of fitness. I provide the videos and advice, you just have to do the exercise! My goals for you on this programme are to experience:

  • More suppleness, more strength and more energy
  • Less stress, less aches and pains and reduced likelihood of injury
  • Improved overall health and wellbeing…now, but especially in the long run
  • A greater awareness of your own body (which itself brings health benefits)
  • More flow and grace in daily life
  • Appropriate weight management

It can take a few months of dedication before you begin to experience these benefits, but the system really works, so why not get going?

A key part of the programme is about taking time for relaxation. Restorative exercise (the subtle and gentle side of movement) can be very relaxing and this week’s video is just that. Before you relax, however let’s take a quick reminder of what the whole programme involves.

Here’s a quick breakdown of a typical week:

Exercise Components

  1. Once a week spend 30 minutes doing STRENGTH training
  2. Once a week  spend 30 minutes doing CARDIO training
  3. Twice a week  spend 20-30 minutes doing RESTORATIVE exercise
  4. Twice a week  spend 20-30 minutes doing RELAXATION practices

The good news is that you can start one of these today and this is a free online programme! Just choose one of the blog categories to the right of this page and play as many videos as makes up around 30 minutes.

You may notice there are 2 other blog categories. The programme will not work unless you become mindful of:

  • How your everyday movements, such as walking sitting and bending can support your fitness and health
  • Making smart food choices to improve your nutrition and therefore kickstart your health

The blog here has an intro video that fully explains how to use this website and about the whole programme.

Take 15 Minutes to Relax your Hips, Shoulders and Spine

This week’s video (and more coming soon) requires a gym ball. I encourage you to purchase one as there are a great alternative to an offer chair and a multi-gym!

Take care and enjoy your body.

Thanks Danny