The present moment is brimming with opportunity

Yogi’s and spiritual people from many cultures have been meditating for thousands of years. The meditative state is actually quite natural and simply involves being aware of what is happening.

When life is busy, days are full, and distractions are endless, taking time for stillness is vital. Thoughts can easily take you away from the here and now and spin you off to future events or past experiences. This is not a place to hang out!

You can identify when you’re more present as you will experience a sense of expansiveness and body ease. When you are lost in thought, your experience will be of contraction and body tightness.

To begin, meditation is not easy. But with practice you will soon notice that your thoughts are less bothersome and you’ll be enjoying more clarity.

What’s wrong with living in the past?

The problem with the past and future is that they have a habit of amplifying tension. So let it all go and immerse yourself in the richness of now…this is where you’re most alive!

Simply by bringing your attention to your:

Present environment  –  to your breath  –  and to your body

you can experience immediate


Relaxation is one of the 6 elements of the Restore Your Body Programme. I recommend you spend around 30 minutes, twice a week. However, 10 minutes of meditative practice a day can really help to unwind tension and live with more peace.

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