When was the last time you swung through monkey-bars, climbed a tree, sprinted flat out, moved a really object or threw something?

Maybe awhile ago, but all of these are functional/natural movements. The Restore Your Body Programme is all about function.

Our ancestors had to climb, jump, sprint, spear and lift as part of their daily life.

These are all great movements that challenge and stimulate the human body.

The result of moving like this…

…a body that is lean, strong, energised and toned

On the flip side, a typical modern day encourages way too much time sat down in chairs, without much thought for any kind of movement.

Whether that be office work, driving, eating, socialising or TV….to your body it’s all the same.

Do this too often or for too long, and you can soon expect:

  • Weak, imbalanced and short muscles
  • Compressed and misaligned joints
  • A reduction in body and breath awareness
  • Lethargy and general reduced energy levels


Danny sitting neutral


Poor posture, imbalance and a build up of tension soon set in and it’s no surprise when you get injured in your next game of golf or tennis or even a bout in the garden.

You might then be quick to blame your activity, but the truth is, the injury was waiting to happen.

The best treatment is prevention

It is inevitably that you will have to sit down at times. Here are some video tips to help you do it well.

Click on the following orange links in this order – and make sure you join in! 

  • When you sit at a desk it’s vital to get your seat and computer screen at the right height VIDEO LINK HERE
  • Then you need to get up and stretch at regular intervals VIDEO LINK HERE – it just takes one simple standing exercise
  • Here is 10 minute routine to stretch postural muscles VIDEO LINK HERE

The more time that you spend in a neutral (natural) posture, the less likely you are build up tension or pick up an injury.

Revisit these videos regularly and seek to improve your seated alignment.

Keep moving, keep supple and maybe try throwing something next time you’re at the park!

Take care

Thanks Danny


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