What if you could get really fit with only 4 minutes of exercise per week?

Ok, that’s not the full story, but in terms of cardio vascular challenge, a weekly dose of 8 x 30 second sprint intervals are all you need!

In this Train with Danny video I am back in my garden doing what I love…training hard.

Choose a space at your home, office, garden or local park and join me. It is a challenging routine, yet fun, energising, and comes loaded with many health benefits.

You can join in at a level that matches your current fitness, then build up to the more dynamic options in time.

Click the play the button and feel your life energy increase


I offer a full warm up and warm down, so it really is a complete routine.

As part of the Restore Your Body Programme I recommend that you raise your heart rate once a week and high intensity interval training is best.

It’s effective, enjoyable and time efficient

Although steady state cardio such as long distance running or cycling can be enjoyable, they don’t offer the same variety of health benefits. Plus it takes an hour or two or three from your day!

For a complete fitness that brings you the strength, flexibility and energy that you need for life, consider this weekly schedule:

MONDAY – CARDIO (dynamic exercise to raise heart rate)

TUESDAY  – RESTORATIVE (exercises that focus on suppleness)

WEDNESDAY – RELAXATION (consciously relax)

THURSDAY – STRENGTH (slow body weight exercises)

FRIDAY – RESTORATIVE (exercises that focus on suppleness)

SATURDAY – RELAXATION (consciously relax)

SUNDAY – Hang out!


Danny sitting neutral For total health and wellbeing, you also need to consider two more daily factors:

How your everyday movements can support your fitness and health.

Simple and practical ways to improve your nutrition.


Each of the above 6 elements has its own blog category (see right of this page)

One more thing – Training while fasted

During this workout I hadn’t eaten for about 20 hours. The combination of training after a fast brings additional health benefits.

More about this in a future blog.

Enjoy this workout and your body.

Take care

Thanks Danny


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