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Train with Danny’

My routine becomes your routine.

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In these videos I will be guiding you through my effective, time saving and fun workouts…

‘The Restore Your Body Programme’

(new to this programme?…link to explanatory notes and mini video here)

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The result…a strong and healthy body that you’ll love to inhabit!

In the above video, I guide you through a full 35 minute routine of strength training. If you have dumb-bells, get them now, if not buy some soon.

As well as a whole body strength session, this video also includes 3 ways to prepare for a safe and effective workout:

  • Sensing through awareness
  • Sensing through body touch
  • Muscle and nerve warm ups

Simply hit play and join in with me as I do one of my normal training sessions.

Enjoy your body, take care.

Thanks Danny