One of my favourite ways to raise body awareness is through fatigue. Strange as it may seem, I really enjoy the sensation of working a muscle. Yes, those last couple of repetitions feel very uncomfortable but I smile my way through and know that I am…

  • Getting stronger
  • Improving my posture/physique
  • Relaxing my mind
  • Helping with sport
  • Improving metabolic health
  • Getting my bare feet in the grass!

It can take several months for your body to be ready for strong fatigue (as you will see in the video). If you feel sore for a few days after then you have over done it…next time, simply train to a lighter fatigue and build up.

When you commit to a weekly session of slow strength training, your body gets used to it and responds by becoming stronger and stronger without too much after effect. For full details about the Restore Your Body Programme, please click here.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or drop me an email to danny@dannybridgeman.com

Many thanks

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Garden bicep curl balance

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