How often do you engage in an exercise routine or a long stint of gardening without any preparation?

Most likely too often!  In the video below I share a simple set of exercises that will prepare you physically for what is to follow.

This is a standing routine, so if you’re on a tennis court or golf course or it’s wet out, you don’t even have to lie down.

5 Other reasons to warm up:

1 Improved performance

2 You reduce the likelihood of injury

You can use this time to become more body aware

4  The warm up is a great opportunity to take mindful breaths and mentally prepare for your activity

5 To reduce post workout fatigue, simply repeat the same sequence with a focus on slow, nasal breathing

This sequence has 2 other uses:

1 Before and after a long car journey, these exercises will help to neutralise your body.

2 This routine is a great way get your body moving at the start of the day.

Try it our for yourself today, and let me know it affected your performance.

Take care, thanks


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