To improve efficiency and reduce injury you need to warm up

25 years ago, I and many readers of this blog could have got away without warming up. Not anymore! My typical workout, be it cardio or strength, goes something like this:

10 minute warm up
15 minutes of high intensity training
5 minute warm down

Basically I spend as much time warming up and down as I do training.

This video and up-coming online course have been designed for (not so young) men who need to increase their flexibility and body awareness. However, these flowing exercises apply to all ages and women too. It only takes about 14 minutes and prepares your body for whatever activity, work-out or sport you want to be ready for.

This video has slightly quicker variations of the exercises that this new 6 part online course offers (available August 2017).

 Other reasons to warm up

Warm ups create a flow around your body and prepare your joints, muscles, nerves and connective tissues for what is to follow. Furthermore you get to raise your body awareness and highlight any red flags (potential injury spots) that you might not have noticed.

And what happens if you exercise without a decent warm up? Well, at best you’ll be less efficient but at worst you’ll pick up a serious injury and be forced to rest.


Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 13.49.14


Please enjoy this video and your flowing body. I’ll release the full flexibility course soon.

Take care

Many thanks