This video is part of a mini series. To see part 1, how to walk upstairs please click here.

I first learned these movement techniques from Judith Aston of Aston Kinetics (website below). Many Aston concepts are simple yet highly effective methods for keeping your body graceful, efficient and strong.

What is your main exercise arena? The gym? The yoga/Pilates studio? The dojo? The pool? We could name many more here. However, these are only for a relatively short period of time and on some days of the week.

Your body is here right now as you need this screen. It’s also present when you cook, eat, walk, work, drive, socialise, garden, etc.

So…daily life is your biggest and most important exercise arena because its where you spend the majority of your time.

It goes against the grain to focus on your body (muscles, bones, posture etc) during a workout or class but not have the same focus and postural awareness in life.

I produce exercise videos such as this one so that you an look after your body and move it wisely in everyday activities.

Walking downstairs can help or hinder your body. If you move too quickly and lean back it heightens your risk of falling. Take your time on stairs, lean in and soften your knees as you land. Please try out the video above and let me know how you get on.

Enjoy your body (and every step!)

Take care

Thanks Danny