The best way to support your neck is to have good postural alignment.

I described how to do find and embody this while standing in a recent blog. Please review that here before playing this video.

As for relaxing your neck right now…I am not a big fan of traditional neck exercises and cues.

If you often wear the exercise cues:

lengthen the back of your neck up to the sky’

‘tuck your chin in to stretch the back of your neck’

‘roll your shoulder blades back and down’…

…then please stop!

These concepts are dated, static, unnatural, lack dimensionality and can actually increase tension. Natural movement involves flow.

Right now, notice your pelvis under your torso, your feet on the ground, your shoulders relaxed, easy breath and soft eyes.

Take a moment to feel this.

OK, now stand up and press play on this week’s restorative video! (You will need space to lie down part way through).

Enjoy your body and your relaxed neck.

Take care thanks Danny



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