This video offers my favourite way of strength training

Personally, I haven’t used a gym for years as I find that body weight, dumb-bells and a rope are all you need. As primal humans daily life was our gym. We pushed, pulled, swung, squatted, wrestled, climbed, threw things, sprinted and possibly swam. My training is based on these movements.

In this ‘Train with Danny’ video, I‘m using a cross core 180 (it’s like a sophisticated TRX). It’s about as functional as it gets…full body co-operation and feet on the ground. My young children add extra resistance!

If you don’t have a rope, TRX or cross core, please play one of the other train with Danny strength routines.

It seems that gyms are slowly evolving away from linear and bulky machines and stepping more towards functionality. This is a good move and means you can still get good benefit from a gym membership…just hang out (literally) on the functional rig!

However, as you will see from this video, you can have a highly effective and challenging full body work out using a rope over a branch.

Please join in and keep in touch with how you are doing.

Take care, enjoy your body.

Thanks Danny