One of the six categories of the Restore Your Body Programme involves how to use your body with greatest efficiency in Daily Life. (Full blog category with 16 other daily life videos here).

This online programme offers a complete system of exercise, natural movement and health. Follow it and you’re well on the way to enjoying a healthy and functional body.

Please work your way around the six categories to discover dozens of free supportive videos, audios and texts.

Daily life is your primary exercise studio

One of the great things about exercise is that it doesn’t have to be during an official class/workout.

Everyday movement such as walking, housework, home improvements, gardening or taking the stairs rather than the lift are all forms of non formal exercise.

But, as with formal exercise, to be safe and effective, you need good technique and body awareness.

Get movement in life right and you release tension, increase flexibility and tone, enjoy great posture and find integrity with every step you take. Get it wrong and you perpetuate tension, increase stiffness and run the risk of future injury.

One exercise that most of us do everyday involves climbing stairs – Let’s do it well.

Walking up stairs can feel like an effortful slog and it’s all too easy to do it with poor technique. Typically, this involves:

  • Only using part of the step
  • Being too upright or leaning back
  • Stamping of the feet

Good efficiency on the other hand involves:

  • Using the whole step
  • Leaning forward
  • Allowing the foot push to travel right through your body

This approach brings energy and grace, supports good knee health and is a great way to tone your glutes.

Please take part with the video above and keep in touch with how it works for you.

Enjoy your body, take care.

Thanks Danny